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World War II


History Channel Ultimate World War II

koleksi video dokumenter perang dunia II versi produksi history channel sebanyak 8 dvd

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Hell Ships - Romusha To Burma and Thailand

perjalanan para tawanan perang jepang romusha dari indonesia menuju thailand dan burma dengan kereta api dan kapal laut/kapal perang



Berat : 1 kg

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Einde Van Indie - World War In Indonesia

dokumenter perang indonesia tahun 1945 berisi rekaman asli jaman dulu. sebanyak 3 dvd



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Hollywood Goes To War - 18 Disc

46 films from the U.S. National Archives on WWII, Korea and Vietnam
More than 40 Hollywood actors and directors featured, including Katharine Hepburn, Ronald Reagan, Lucille Ball, Clark Gable, Paul Newman and more
Featuring 7 Academy Award-winning films by directors including John Ford, William Wyler and more
Includes rare war films, such as Let There Be Light, December 7th and This is Korea!

Vol I

December 7th (1943) 85m
The Fighting Lady (1945) 60m
Seeds Of Destiny (1946) 20m
The True Glory (1945) 85m

Vol II

Toward Independence (1947) 30m
Nine From Little Rock (1964) 20m
A Year Toward Tomorrow (1964) 30m
Winning Your Wings (1942) 20m
Wings Up (1943) 20m
Rear Gunner (1943) 25m
Reconnaissance Pilot (1943) 35m
Resisting Enemy Interrogation (1944) 60m


Recognition Of The Japanese Zero Fighter (1943) 20m
Combat America (1943) 60m
Learn And Live (1943) 45m
Land And Live In The Jungle (1944) 60m
Ditch And Live (1944) 25m
Photographic Intelligence In Bombardment Aviation (1943) 25m
How To Fly A B-17 (1943) 30m

Vol IV

First Motion Picture Unit (1943) 20m
Baptism Of Fire (1943) 35m
Camouflage: A Cartoon In Color (1944) 10min
The Negro Soldier (1944) 40m
Women In Defense (1941) 10m
Fellow Americans (1942) 10m
Patriotism: Have It Your Way (1978) 20m
Savings Bond And Stamp Promotions (Three films) 20m (years not stated)
Tree In A Test Tube (1943) 20m
The General Patton Story (1963) 20m
Let There Be Light (1946) 60 min

Vol V

Memphis Belle: A Story Of A Flying Fortress (1944) 40m
Thunderbolt (1945) 40m
A Day In The Death Of Donny B. (1969) 15m
Flowers Of Darkness (1972) 45m
Illegal Gambling (1975) 20m
Battle Stations (1944) 10m
Death Mills (1946) 20m
Diary Of a Sergeant (1945) 25m

Vol VI

Third Division In Korea (1956) 25m
This Is Korea! (1951) 50m
The Red Nightmare (1962) 30m
Vietnam, Vietnam (1971) 60m
Who's Out There? (1975) 30m

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Harga: Rp.540.000

Military Figures Of World War II - 10 Disc

Intimate profiles of the men who dictated the outcome of the bloodiest war in history.
World War II represented a truly global war.
With approximately 100 million people serving for military units around the world and an estimated 50 to 70 million fatalities resulting from warfare, the world had never seen fighting on this scale.
The major powers amongst them Germany, Great Britain, Russia and the US were engaged in a war that went far beyond military conflict.
This total war required economic, industrial and scientific capabilities to be geared towards the conflict.
Yet despite the scale of the fighting and the impact the conflict had on hundreds of millions of innocent civilians, it is arguably the decisions made by a select group of men that dictated and shaped the outcome of the war.
This incredible collection of programmes, made by Russian Television using rarely seen archive footage and expert analysis, details the lives of the men on either side whose words and actions played a crucial role in the conflict.
Includes 10 remarkable DVDs profiling: THE AXIS - Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Herman Goering, Martin Bormann, Rudolf Hess & Benito Mussolini
THE ALLIES - Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt & Joseph Stalin.

Berat : 1 kg

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WW II The Deadliest Conflict In History - 16 Disc

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WWII: The Deadliest Conflict in History includes over 22 hours of Academy Award-winning films The True Glory and the rare extended version of December 7th and features stars Ronald Reagan and William Holden, as well as military figures such as General Douglas MacArthur and Adolf Hitler. Plus, see footage from the battlefield and the actual films confiscated from German officials.
Films: December 7th and December 7th: Extended Version (1943)
The Battle of Midway (1942)
Fighting Lady (1944)
Japanese Sign Final Surrender (1945)
The Fleet that Came to Stay (1945)
Brought to Action (1945)
Why We re Here: A Report from General Sultan (1944)
Naval Aviation School Great Lakes, IL (1926)
Navy Trade School Hampton Roads, VA (1926)
Reconnaissance Pilot (1943)
Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter (1943)
Appointment in Tokyo (1945)
Army Air Forces: Pacific (1944)
Solomon Islands (1945)
With the Marines at Tarawa (1944)
The Battle for the Marianas (1944)
Surrender in the Pacific (1945)
Fury in the Pacific (1945)
This is the Philippines (1945)
Action at Angaur (1945)
Nuremberg (1946)
Prelude to War (1942)
The Nazis Strike (1943)
Here is Germany (1945)
Divide and Conquer (1943)
Death Mills (1946)
Nazi Concentration Camps (1945)
Target for Tonight (1941)
The Battle of Britain (1943)
D-Day (1944)
The True Glory (1945)
San Pietro (The Battle of San Pietro) (1945)
The Liberation of Rome (1944)
Denmark Fights for Freedom (1944)
Target for Today (1944)

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The President - 17 Disk

This boxed set (the titles have also been released separately) includes 17 discs and a nearly 39-hour running time, combining voice-over narration, photos, film, a few reenactments, music, and interviews with historians, family members, and others to create very detailed and edifying portraits of just 11 chief executives (a mere 25 percent of the total). Most buyers will likely already have at least a working knowledge of those elected in the past 50 years or so: John F. Kennedy, his one term cut tragically short, leaving more questions about his legacy asked than answered; Lyndon Johnson, whose good works were obscured by the blame he took for escalating and prolonging the Vietnam War; Richard Nixon, forever remembered as the only president forced to resign while in office; Jimmy Carter, who at best can be seen as somewhat out of his depth in the job; the immensely popular Ronald Reagan, still used as a touchstone by Republican candidates of every stripe; George H.W. Bush, who oversaw the Gulf War but failed to win a second term after backtracking on his pledge not to raise taxes; and Bill Clinton, a brilliant mind and naturally gifted, inspiring politician who seemed bent on self-destruction. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, too, will be familiar to most; the only president to be elected four times, the charming, patrician FDR became one of American history's greatest leaders, shepherding the country out of the Depression and through most of World War II despite having been crippled by polio at age 39.

Berat : 1 kg

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WW II The Complete History - 10 Disk

World War II was different from other wars due to the unparalleled scope of rare and, in some cases, previously unseen images from archives around the world. Now these images have been brought together in one of the most powerful documentary series on the 20th century’s greatest conflict. This is the complete Second World War from the islands of the Pacific to the frozen Steppes of Russia. From the rise of Hitler to the celebration of VJ day, you will learn about the hardware, the heroes and the heartbreak of war. This is a must-have for those who lived it and for those who want to remember the sacrifices made during WWII.

At 30 hours long this collection has just about all the footage of every aspect of WWII that you would want to have, including comprehensive narration. It includes extensive use of film never before seen in the U.S. from Russian, German and Japanese archives. If you're trying to decide on which WWII collection you want in your video collection this is definitely worth considering.

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.400.000

Americas Fight For The Sky - 16 Disk

ee actual footage of the spectacular planes of World War II, including the B-24 and the B-47; and watch incredible moments, such as the planning and preparation for the invasion of Normandy. Then hear from heroic World War II pilots today, and see some of the amazing planes being developed for the future. Discover how the past continues to help shape the future of America's powerful air presence in this exciting and informative 17-hour collection!

- Includes newly released WWII aviation films from the National Archives
- 17 hours of aviation footage, documentaries, interviews and more
- Includes narration and acting by Ronald Reagan, Craig Stevens, Van Heflin and more Hollywood stars
- Film of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, B-24 Liberators, the ME 262, the Junker "Ju88" and lots more
- Modern aircraft footage included on the F-16, a P-3 Orion, a Boeing 747 and more

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.640.000

WW II The Eastern front - 10 Disk

Disc 1: The Battle of Kursk Part 1,Part
Disc 2: The Stalingrad Apocalypse Part 1, Part 2
Disc 3: The Elbe Day, The Brest Fortress
Disc 4 Leningrad – The Secrets of the Blockaded City, Prague – 45 – The Last Battle with the Third Reich
Disc 5: The Siege of Leningrad: Then The War Started, The Siege Book, Starvation, Diary of Yura Ryabinkin
Disc 6: The Siege of Leningrad: How They Survived, Forbidden Chapter, Leningrad Syndrome
Disc 7: Liberators The Tankers, The Cavalry, Fighter Pilots
Disc 8: Liberators The Airborne Forces, Reconnaissance Scouts, Artillerymen
Disc 9: Liberators The Mountain infantry, The Infantry, The Sappers
Disc 10: Liberators Ground Attack Aircraft, Naval Infantry, Northern Fleet

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.500.000

Pacific Battlefront - 10 Disk

war history atau sejarang perang dimana dalam dokumenter perang kali ini berisi 2 judul utama yaitu CRUSADE IN PACIFIC dan PACIFIC WARRIORS. dimana masing masing berisi 5 DVD

detail bisa dilihat di bawah ini
Pacific Battlefront - 10 DiskDetail Produk
kaya rinci, seri dokumenter ini visual yang menakjubkan meliputi saga dramatis seluruh Perang Dunia II di Pasifik. Dari Manchuria ke Hiroshima, orang-orang, persenjataan, dan lokasi pertempuran konflik epik yang tercakup dalam 20 episode yang tak terlupakan.

Perang salib Sekutu untuk mengalahkan ekspansi berdarah kekaisaran Jepang menampilkan sulit, pertempuran heroik di laut, di udara dan di pulau-pulau hutan tak terhitung banyaknya.

PACIFIC WARRIORS: Pemboman Jepang Pearl Harbor pada 7 Desember 1941 memicu perang mematikan empat tahun untuk posisi strategis di Samudera Pasifik. Udara Amerika dan kekuatan laut memainkan peran utama dalam mengubah gelombang pertempuran, tetapi ratusan pulau yang membentuk "kotak" dalam game ini epik catur tidak pernah bisa diambil tanpa darah, keringat dan air mata dari Marinir.

Masing-masing batuan ini menyembunyikan potensi untuk pangkalan udara berbahaya dan upaya perang menuntut agar tidak ada batu terlewat. Seri ini menarik menceritakan kisah penuh bahwa serangan amfibi ganas, menangkap setiap langkah kaki berdarah di pantai.

Pacific Laskar menyatukan kekayaan cuplikan film dokumenter dan wawasan sejarah, membawa Anda dari puncak perang ke ladang-ladang pembantaian Okinawa, dan menawarkan menarik melihat kehidupan sehari-hari "leathernecks" yang berjuang dan memenangkan pertempuran paling ganas dari Perang Dunia II.

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.400.000

WW II Road To Victory In Color - 10 Disk

war documentary dengan kualitas video full color berisi poerjalanan perang dunia di eropa yg disebut sebagai atlantic war dan di area asia yg dikenal dengan pacific war.

perang pasifik antara sekutu/ america melawan jepang dan perang atlantik atau perang eropa melawan nazi vs sekutu.

video berwarna yang sungguh sangat sayang untuk tidak dikoleksi. berisi 10 Disk dengan format full menu sama seperti original

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.500.000

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