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Eiszeit - Reflexion einer Expedition

Ice Age - a reflection Expedition

Climbing on the most extreme place on Earth

Six weeks spent "Huber brothers" - Alexander and Thomas Huber - with fellow Swiss Stephan Siegrist in the eternal ice of Antarctica. Under adverse conditions they succeed three first ascents on Ulevetanna and Anna Holt. The film presents a fascinating panorama, snow storms and the incredible efforts of strength and let the adventure of climbing extreme mountain climbing in Antarctica to witness at first hand.

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.35.999

Mountain Of Ice

A combination of Mountaineering, Research, and First ascension. This trek takes on a face and approach that has never been attempted. I enjoyed this movie very much and it has plenty of good climbing.

This informative production examines some of the history of the exploration of the Antarctic continent, and addresses the future with scientific observations of ice equilibrium, as it pertains to global climate change. Jon Krakauer (already well known for his writing,) provides an interesting perspective and valuable knowledge of the climbing and expedition process. There is some spectacular footage of Antarctica in here.

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.50.000


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